Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2009

On January 27, the "2009 Corporate Social Responsibility Report of SGCC" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report") was released in Beijing as the first report of its kind among all Chinese enterprises in 2010. SGCC also became the first to publish corporate social responsibility reports for five consecutive years in China.

2009 is a year when SGCC tackled challenges, overcame difficulties, made innovations and achieved developments. When faced with the new features of the international financial crisis and a profound change of the world energy structure, SGCC studied and practiced the Scientific Outlook of Development, focused on the national energy strategy and served the development of the nation's economy and society. Meanwhile, the company strictly followed  "Two Transformations", devoted to  a safer, more economical, cleaner and sustainable power supply, strengthened communication and cooperation with stakeholders, improved its own abilities of sustainable development, fulfilled its social responsibilities of advancing development of the company and the grid.

This 96-page Report is the fifth one consecutively released by SGCC. While reviewing the theoretical research achievement in performing social responsibility and the practical experience gained in the past five years, the Report vigorously promotes a scientific corporate social responsibility concept, systematically  elaborates the company's sustainable  development strategy, identifies the company's responsibilities towards stakeholders and the participating mechanism for stakeholders, states clearly the company's strategy, action and accomplishment in fulfilling its environmental responsibility, and announces SGCC's strategy, practices and achievement of practicing social responsibilities and promoting sustainable development. 

Source: State Grid News

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